Sunday, February 4, 2007

Pink camo round ripple

After searching all over for the pink camo yarn I finally got it from Herrschners and from a seller on Ebay. I started working on the round ripple afghan 2 nights ago. I'm also using RHSS in baby pink and light raspberry. The light raspberry is a little dark but it's OK.

**Here's an updated photo of my pink camo ripple. It's taking a little while but I'm getting there.** ***Here's my last photo of my afghan - one round of pink sc and it will be done.***

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  1. Thats turning out really pretty. I have alot of that camo yarn .. my daughter has been wanting something out of it..I never thought of a ripple... Thanks for the idea.. Be sure to show us the finished product..GREAT JOB...

  2. Oohh that is so pretty I also ordered mine from a lady on ebay too I am waiting for it to come in the mail. I was thinking what I can do with it and now I know. Your ripple is so beautiful.

  3. Your round ripple is coming out so pretty. I love those colors. I love making the round ripple afghan. I am working on one right now. :)

  4. Thank you for your nice compliments. I'm having fun working on the afghan. I will post a picture when I am done.

    Debi Y. :)

  5. Please don't worry about if we're getting tired of looking at the round ripples, because i can tell you I'm not, I love them, & your's is so beautiful, & they have inspired me so much, I started one today, & I love it, there'll me more, I'm sure

  6. I like this very much as a fellow crochetviller i love the colors alot very pretty...


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