Monday, July 16, 2007

Pink camo granny rectangle afghan

I've started working on a pink camo granny rectangle afghan for myself. It's worked with Bernat's pink camo and RHSS baby pink. The colors aren't a perfect match but it's close enough. I know I should be working on other things but since I'm almost done with Teri's round ripple I figured it wouldn't hurt to start another afghan.
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  1. Hi Debi, Can you tell me how you start this rectangle? Seems I can't do the start to my satisfaction but yours look pretty nice. I've tried printed patterns AND just 'sperimenting and I never get anything I really like the look of.Brenda-PS I am now on my 3rd row of the extraordinarily ordinary blanket. I did mine with sz L hook in sc, so it's a bit different. Tore it all out once as I didn't like the joins but tried again and it looks nice now!

  2. Hi oldnbroken - I used a published pattern for that afghan and for the life of me, I can't remember where I got it. Sorry I can't help you.


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