Sunday, October 26, 2008

Purse and towel toppers

These are some of the things I've been working on for the last week or two. The purse and cell holder I crocheted with Bernat Blacklites using my trusty "L" hook. I think I need to come up with a different pattern for my purses.
The towel toppers were crocheted with Red Heart Sparkling and Jeweltones (both discontinued) and I used my favorite "I" hook. I think I must of been half asleep when I worked on the peach towel (the one on the right) - it's shorter and the button is on the wrong side.
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  1. It looks like you need to stop smokin' that wacky tobacky, Mom!

  2. Hi I was wandering if you have a link to your towel topper patterns or if it is your own pattern. I would like the patterns if possible as I am doing towels at the moment especially Christmas towels.
    Thank you if you can help me. Any other towels top patterns would also be appreciated. Christine (Australia)( email


Thanks for taking the time to leave a message - it always puts a smile on my face. If you have a question - post it here and check back - I will always answer you. :)