Sunday, April 4, 2010

African flowers

I think that's the proper name of the pattern. I've been seeing them on crochet blogs lately, so I figured I'd give one a try. I think they're very pretty - I might do a few to make a pillow cover.
I found the pattern here:
(the last round on mine is different.)
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  1. I just love all your work! Is there a pattern out there for this. Another one I am just going to have to do.

  2. Thanks glor. I found the pattern here:

    my last round is different though.

  3. Thanks Debi ... I just printed it off!

  4. Hi Debi! VERY PRETTY! I love African violets, so that's what this looks like to me! I found the pattern, and can't wait to try some in purples too! Thanks for sharing the link! Hope you had a blessed and very Happy Easter! ~tina

  5. That is very pretty. I think I'll do a few for a baby blanket in pastels...very lovely.

    This is my first time visiting you and I'll be back because I love to crochet too ;-)


  6. Deb.
    Just letting your know the Squares have arrived! I can't thank you enough, they simply are gorgeous. I'm just about to take some photos for flickr blogs etc.,
    You're brilliant, and they are so...pretty!
    Thanks very much for your help
    Hugs and lOve Suex


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