Monday, April 5, 2010

New project

I've started working on yet another project. While cleaning my craft room (yes, I'm still doing that), I came across 2 skeins of Red Heart Stripes in "denim stripe". Cool looking yarn and I wanted to crochet with it but what do I crochet? A scarf? No, too warm now. A purse? No, not enough yarn. What then? Well - how about a mesh grocery bag? OK - perfect. I need a few more. (I have about 5 pink ones I keep in my car for when I shop at the Bottom Dollar grocery store.) You have to pay 5 cents for each bag there, but pretty soon all the stores around here are going to be charging 5 cents a bag. I am using this pattern:

I also have this pattern:

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  1. I love your new banner! It's so pretty and it highlights your handiwork. :)


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