Saturday, April 17, 2010

Project notebook

A while back I decorated this notebook I bought from the Dollar Tree and ever since it's just sat doing nothing. I'm thinking of using it as a crochet notebook - but what would I put in it? Can you give me any ideas? Please? :)
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  1. The notebook is adorable!!! I carry one with me to write out patterns I'm trying to create. The book is like my starting place before I get them typed up.

  2. How about making it a crochet journal?

    When you start a project, note the date you started. Then put down any details that you know about your project like who it is for, why you picked the colors that you did, and any other tidbits that you feel like putting down.

    As you work on the project, add anything that you feel like adding. Then when it's completed note that date. Paste a photo if you can.

    Some day in the future you will be able to look back and see how productive you were. It will also be a great heirloom for some family member one day.

    Good Luck!

  3. Well, I have started to do that once, but never followed through with it. When I was making any big projects, i.e. afghans, blankets, etc. for selling, I kept a time log and a supply log so that I could accurately price my item without losing too much. I know it's impossible to get totally compensated when selling handmade, but at least you don't have to sell yourself short.

    That's one idea...or keep a diary of what you crocheted and when, so then look back you can see how much you did in a year? It's amazing how much I forget when I don't write it down, but sometimes I can't remember where I wrote it down (oh, the joys of getting older.)

  4. Great ideas ladies - thanks!

    lol Doris. :)


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