Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~ Crochet Queen ~

Yes - it's official - I am now the "Crochet Queen". What? I have a brand spanking new keyring to prove it. :)

I bought this keyring from Christine at:

Check out her shop - she has some cute items. :)
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  1. Crochet Queen Debi, I love the keyring! So perfect.

  2. How cute! Do you know where your friend got the charm?

  3. Thanks ladies. :)

    BabyFeet - sorry, I have no idea where she got the charm.

  4. Hi all :D I'm the lady who created this lovely keyring. I brought them in bulk from an Ebay shop in the UK :) I'm so thrilled Debi likes it, as it was inspired by a lovely lady who owns Attic24!

    There is 3 more left in my shop!! xx

  5. Mmmm, that's odd...I thought I had posted a comment on here, must've not worked - my computer's acting kind of quirky lately.

    That's a cute key chain and I like the Crochet Queen title ;-)

  6. I like it too. Everyone should have one - we can all be crochet queens. :)


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