Monday, August 23, 2010

~ Granny shawl ~

After seeing everyone's granny shawls while making my blog rounds, I decided that I would like to crochet one too. I started mine yesterday afternoon. I'm using Caron Simply Soft and an "I" hook.  :)

Speaking of Caron Simply Soft - if it's 100% acrylic like RHSS, Bernat, Vanna's and the others - why is it shiney and crunchy? Wierd.

(I think "crunchy" is not the right word to describe the feeling I get when I scrunch the yarn in my hand. When I think of it, I'll come back and re-post.)
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  1. I read on Caron's site that it is 80% Simply Soft fiber (whatever that is) and 20% specially processed fiber produced from recycled plastic bottles. That's what makes it shiny, I'll bet. Also why it has to be dried on low heat.

  2. Thanks Bev. They should put that on the label instead of just "100% acrylic". :)

  3. You have answered my question also Bev. I agree Debi, they should put that on the label. Well ladies I have enjoyed this conversation !! I love your Granny Shawl, on my "to do" list is a rectangle Granny Stole to make for my Mom. She is 94 and doesn't like shawls, just stoles..... and we all know we don't argue with our Mother! Take care and I look forward to seeing your finished shawl.

  4. I love the drape and feel and shine of Simply Soft, but I never noticed that it's crunchy before...maybe it's been a while since I bought some.

    It's on Sale right now at Herrschners for $1.69 a skein

    I really like it and your pink shawl will be lovely!


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