Monday, October 18, 2010

~ Granny tissue cube ~

I've been admiring everyone's granny tissue box covers - they're all so colorful.  Michelle from:  very kindly shared her pattern.  She has the tutorial for the "Granny Tissue Box" posted in the right hand column of her blog. 

I decided that I would like to have a cube tissue box cover instead of a rectangle tissue box cover and this is what I came up with.  It will look pretty sitting on the desk in my crochet room.   :)
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  1. aww Purty! I got to make me some of these

  2. Love it! Is that your new yarn? Very pretty! Thanks for sharing the link. Going now to check it out! :-)

  3. How pretty, will look great in your craft room.

  4. I love the colours you use. Always so soft.. and different patterns are a bonus.. :))

  5. Dear Debra,

    i love it!!!
    a great and beautiful Granny Tissue Cube. Nice Colours.
    I think, I am crochet a Tissue Cube too - I've finished yesterday my second Granny Tissue Box Cover - i like it so much!
    Thank you for sharing, many Greetings and enjoy your Week,

  6. Thanks ladies. :)

    Heather - no, that's not my new yarn. It's light yellow, light pink, medium yellow and medium pink - (I had a ton of ends to weave in).

    Hope you enjoy your week too Marion.

  7. Very nice, this one.
    I saw the larger example too on the site of the Royal Sisters.

  8. nice! do you have a pattern for it to share?

  9. Thanks ladies.

    I don't have a pattern to share Niki - I don't want to step on Michelle's (The Royal Sisters) toes. The original pattern is hers. :)


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