Monday, November 15, 2010

~ an oval ripple ~

**OK - scratch this - it's not working out right.  Sorry.**

A lady on Crochetville asked if there was an oval ripple pattern.  That got me thinking, so I got out my hook and yarn and got to work.  This is what I have so far:

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  1. I hope you are writing this down as you go because it's going to be in hot demand.

  2. Cute! I bet that would be nice on a twin-sized bed.

  3. Wow, Debi: it looks great!
    So you are projecting... Very nice!

  4. Very pretty Debi. This is going to be gorgeous. Hope you had a terrific day! :-)

  5. Oh Debi ... this is going to be magnficient. I agree with Bev, this is going to be in demand, big time!

  6. It'll look very nice judging from the lovely beginning!

  7. Well I am going to ask if you think it could be made into an oval table cloth? It looks a pretty pattern.

  8. Love the pattern!! My daughter is 5'2" and new son in law is 6'4" so an oval afghan is just the thing I was looking for!!! Thank you SOOOO much!!
    Judi :~)

  9. REALLY pretty..where could find your pattern?

    1. There is no pattern - it didn't work out. Sorry.


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