Monday, February 7, 2011

~ Monday is... ~ tell what you enjoy.

My joys are simple:   my family ~~ my dogs Tex and Ladybug ~~ and of course, my crochet. 

Please visit Faith at Crochet by the Sea to join in.  :)
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  1. How, so sweet are you? Thank you ever so much for stopping by, and participating. What a great way to start a Monday...your ripples are lovely....! very colorful blog...I'll be back to visit.

  2. I forgot that it was time to do our Monday post already. I need to get mine up! Great lovely things on your list.

  3. Hello Ms.Debi. Sorry to bother you but I could swear that I read in one of your older posts a way to make crochet handles, but now, for the life of me can not find that post. Is it here and I'm missing it?? or have I totally lost my mind this time :)
    Thank you so much, hope your week has gone well.


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