Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~ what do you look for....~

...in a blog?  Sharon Marie from Sharon's Eclectic Retreat brought up the subject on her blog and it really got me thinking.  I like crochet blogs that are for the most part, original to the blogger.  Mostly crochet - but I do like other crafts too - and I like a blog that updates regularly.

What I don't like is copycat blogs. Same projects in the same colors, same silly words. If I click to a blog and I see stuff I've already seen more than a few times, then I click out. No need to waste time if I've already seen it.

Advertisements and such on blogs doesn't bother me - just don't overdo it.  A few blogs I've been to take forever to load (no, I'm not on dial up).   

I also prefer blogs that don't feel the need to use foul language just because.  I know we're all grown women and in my 49 years, I've most certainly heard it all before, but for goodness sakes, it's not really necessary.  If you feel that bad - then don't blog that day.

Well - that's it for now.  If I think of something else, I'll come back and edit.  Have a good day.  :) 
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  1. I'm with you on the points you made..a little advertisment ok, so you can make a few dollars, but to much is overload and I don't want to stay..and as you say click out. They do take longer to load all of that..I don't much care for the word you have to type either...bothersome. I don't visit people who feel they have to speak foul, don't have time. I am looking for refreshment and to be removed from the gutter of everyday life which I must partake in. BLogging takes you out of it for a while.While I look for blogs which have crochet, there are other things which interest me, which may or may not have any crochet. always nice talking with you have a good day..

  2. Thanks you for the post...A friend and I just started a new blog..featuring our lives and our crafting (mostly crocheting, but some kntting throwed in also). We are learning how to do all the blogging techniques and gadgets. I would love to hear your comments on our blog...give us your opinion if you will...here's the site address.


  3. I like to read blogs that have a little variety; a few recipes, dabbling in gardening, travel, a little about people's day-to-day life, love photos!, but I especially like to look at pretty crochet work. Hope you are having a great day! :-)

  4. Really interesting points here. The last one caught my attention just because I don't think I've ever read a crochet blog that had any cussing in it and I read a lot of them!

    I don't mind ads although I don't click on them. What I do mind is music or sounds that play every time the blog is opened. I am usually listening to the radio or watching a show when I'm reading through blogs and find this to be intrusive.

    Other than that I'm not super picky about my crochet blogs. I do read lots of other blogs (tech, writing, SEO) for my work and am pickier about those because I'm looking for specific information from them. But with crochet, I pretty much love it all!

  5. i dont mind some ads but i think to many can be off putting. great points i agree with ya!

  6. I'm not a music fan - I find that a little off putting sometimes (not all the time - I guess it depends on what is playing and that sometimes it's a little loud even if I turn down the volume on my laptop) but I do find that it sometimes slows up the blog page loading which does get my goat a little as I usually end up clicking away from the page if it's a slow loader as I lose interest in waiting.

  7. I look for pleasantness. I guess that's the way I'd describe it in one word. :) I like to look at blogs to see pretty pictures, see what others are doing, what they're creating, etc. I'm a full-time homemaker and my computer is my way of connecting with others.

    We used to be on dial-up and are now on a satellite connection. Therefore if a blog has too much "stuff" on it, I tend to avoid it. By "stuff" I mean slideshows, any streaming stuff, music, etc. I prefer not to have my allowed bandwidth eaten up by such things. I'm happy with regular ol' text and pictures. :)

  8. That is IT in a nutshell! I like less words and more pictures, if a blog is too long, I lose interest. I love crochet, crafts and doggie blogs!

  9. I don't like the blogs that play music and I like short posts. Can't stand the rambling ones - do some self-editing and get to the point, I always think!

  10. I like to read humor in blogs. Someone who can have fun while sharing their projects, but not overdo it with the enthusiasm because then it becomes more "look at me look at me" rather than look at the project. I like seeing the photos, but posts with excessive photos in one post start to become the too much enthusiasm deal again (unless it's a tutorial with pictures to help illustrate the pattern, that's different).

    The occasional curse word doesn't bother me, as long as it's not every other word. I know I swear occasionally in mine, although I try to censor myself.

    I don't like when a blog shares a project but doesn't say where the idea came from i.e. says "I saw this on another blog so I came up with my own version". Okay...what other blog?? Credit the person with the original idea, even if you did make your own version! (exception being, sometimes you can't remember just where you saw it, maybe it was a year ago that you saw it).


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