Tuesday, April 5, 2011

~ a couple questions ~

~~ skinny jeans on a man - why?

~~ exactly how do you 'stand down'?

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  1. Maybe it's a new form of birth control lol! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Men's pants either they're falling down or painted on.

  2. LOL I have wondered the same thing!!!!!

  3. LOl some are quite embarrassing, they are either glued on or down around the knees..
    I have seen on the catwalk where the crutch is nearly at the knees but buttoned at the waist..Strange LOL..
    have a great day :))

  4. Yeah I don't get it too - either skinny or falling down like I don't wanna think about it. There are girls pants too that fall down and they've recently got xtra popular here. Now where's this world going too? Or am I getting old?

  5. LOL...This has me rolling..don't know which is funnier..that you asked it..or Sharons response..lol..love it! Thank u both!!!

  6. Funny Debi. :-) I don't know the answer to either, but your questions brought a smile to my face. Have a great day!

  7. What a great topic!! Unusual but great. Made me laugh. I really don't know where they all get their ideas from. Looking at a man with skinny jeans on is as bad as watching an overweight girl/woman wearing low rise jeans and a short top with her belling hanging out. I hope I didn't offend anyone but I just feel that there are ways of dressing without looking icky.
    OK maybe I'm just getting old like Aluajala. LOL


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