Saturday, April 23, 2011

~ please call me Grandma ~

My grandsons W & J call me Yaya - I think I want them to call me Grandma from now on.  :)

Does anyone know how to make this video smaller?

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  1. LOL..this is to funny!! I say let them call you yaya!!

  2. Too cute! Thanks for sharing! Maybe just start referring to yourself as grandma from now on and it'll catch on?

  3. Lol! Oh that is cute.

  4. Hey Debi, trust me, no one would confuse you with that yaya! I love it. I think they may be young enough to change what they call you if you really want them too. Now that mine are almost 16 and 13 it does sound a little funny to hear them say Bah-Bah..but oh well..better then memaw! lol
    Hope you all have a great weekend :) Thanks for the laugh..take carexxx
    OH, I wanted to ask you. I seen that some people register on your new linky several times with different projects. Is that what it's for??or should we just be registering once? Thanks :)

  5. Hi Nicole - you can upload a few pics of your projects if you'd like. There's plenty of room. Hopefully 'The Crochet Way' will catch on a little more. :)

  6. Hello, 'Yaya' Debi! :-)
    Happy Easter!
    greetings, Lia

  7. So funny, thanks for sharing!
    I find yaya a sweet name for grandmother, but it's up to you. (I'm not greek, mind you. LOL!)


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