Friday, May 27, 2011

~ still...~

...having problems leaving comments.  I can't even leave responses on my own blog posts.  Jeesh.  I was able to leave a comment on Bev's blog - One Yarn After Another - though.  Strange.

*  To Shell - Little Orphan Skein = glad you like the yarn.  Enjoy playing with it.  :)

*  Kat - Hookin it With Mr. Lick Lick = I like the purse - kind of reminds me of an orange.  :)

*  Madeleine - Yarn Madness - another nice dishcloth.  A run through the washing machine will be good when you need to clean all your cloths.  :)

Happy In Red = pretty squares.  :)

*  Sharon - Sharon's Eclectic Retreat = nothing special for me this weekend - just being home.  Enjoy your weekend.  :) 
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  1. I see there are a lot of blogging friends having trouble .. I have lost all my followers again today :(( I know they are there just no pic again..
    Hope your day improves :))

  2. Aw, thanx! Loads of people are having problem with blogger! Apparantly, if you get the new Internet Explorer (9 I believe) or another browser (I use Firefox) then it's okay again.
    Have a great weekend Debi!

  3. So frustrating, isn't it Debi?! I have had no problems with leaving comments, but I haven't seen my list of followers for DAYS now! WHAT is Blogger DOING?!! (sigh)... Well, I don't know what to do about it, but just sit and wait it out. The weekend is here, so just forget your troubles, relax, and enjoy every minute of it!!! Have a good one! ~tina

  4. I just wanted to say that I love your header. I need that sign!! I'm off to find you post on putting clay on crochet hooks. I need some hooks with bigger handles for my hand issues. I hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hi Debi,

    first of all: Congratulations to your new header, it's wonderful with all the little pictures of finished items - i love the colors!! (Unfortunately these combinations wouldn't match the style of our home, the more I like to look at these colors in other people's work).

    I hope that blogger will fix the problems soon, but thanks for the link to my blog in your previous post!

    Wish you a lovely week-end,


  6. It is SOOO frustrating. You don't want to have to start over somewhere else but you'd think they could get things worked out here.

  7. I had the same problem,but it solved....when you log in with your emailadress you see "let me be log in" (sorry for bad english) , put that thing away and log problem was solved with that ...try it ...


  8. I've seen other people having this same problem and I'm curious what browsers everyone has been using. I use Safari and haven't had any issues leaving comments on any of the Blogger blogs.

  9. Thanks Sheila and Barbara.

    Thanks for the tip Marjo - it worked.

    Happy in Red & CrochetBlogger - I'm using Internet Explorer. I'll have to upgrade. :)


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