Monday, June 27, 2011

~ baby blankie cards ~

I received my 'dly's baby blankies' cards in the mail while I was away on vacation.  They are so cute.  These cards will be doing double duty - 1) the baby blankies and 2) give them to friends who'd like to either look at my blog or email me.  Now all I have to do is attach them to the baby blankies and take them to P.G. Hospital.  I certainly hope they don't say "Thanks, but no thanks" - that will be embarrasing.

P.S.  I bought the cards from
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  1. Debi, those are really cute cards and I'm sure the hospital won't say that. They will love having them.

  2. Love these cards. I've been thinking about getting something similar for the line of dresses and capelets that I'm working on and I'd considered in passing but hadn't followed up on it. Looks like a good choice.

  3. Your cards are awesome! Very positive looking.
    I'm sure the hospital'll love them.
    btw that 'big girl panties' tablet is cute :)

  4. Its a great idea:)), I have often wonder "why not"..
    I think the cards will go down well,they are colourful and informative..:))

  5. Debi, the cards are great! I know that the hospital will love them as much as the blankets. You're one special lady thinking of others with these. They will be treasured.


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