Thursday, July 28, 2011

~ baby blankie #19 - a new lamp - and Insomniac's giveaway~

Finished this blankie last night.  The yarn was bought from AC Moore - it was a mill-end bag so I don't know the brand.  It's worsted weight and 100% acrylic.  If anyone knows what brand this could be, please let me know.

**eta - I saw this yarn at Hobby Lobby - it's 'I Love This Yarn!'  - color is 'gelato stripes'.


I've seen on a few blogs that little yarn snippets from projects were being saved in a jar.  I started saving mine and then attached a lamp kit - I now have a new lamp for my crochet room.  Here's the link to Lampstuff if anyone is interested in making their own lamp.  :)


Neicee from 'Insomniac with a Hook' is hosting a giveaway - hop on over for a looksie and tell her Debi Y. sent you.  She's giving away a great prize:

- two issues of inside crochet March and July

- their premier crochet collection book with 48 patterns

- a Susan Bates crochet hook size J

- and two skeins Debra Norville Serenity Garden Yarn

Is that a great prize or what?  :)
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  1. Very pretty blanket and cute lamp too. I've been saving my little bits of yarn ends in a gift bag. I'm going to toss them outside so the birds and squirrels can use in their nests.

  2. Banket is adorable! I love the lamp I am going to check that out!

  3. I love that lamp! What a great idea. The baby blanket is very pretty too. Love the variegated yarns for small projects -- no tails. Have a great day! Tammy

  4. Debi your Blanket is beautiful...nice colours!
    Your new lamp is absolutely the most beautiful I have ever seen. Just great and I'll thank you so much for the link!
    Send you many Greetings and thank you so much for your kind words on my Blog, I was very, very happy about it...


  5. your blankets always look nice. I have years worth of leftover threads..A lamp what an awesome idea!

  6. Aw, I saw the giveaway on Insomniac with a Hook before I saw your post otherwise I would've told her that you sent me!

    I think the blanket turned out great ... did you end up being happy with it?

    The lamp is terrific!

  7. Thanks ladies. :)

    Great idea Sharon - I've done that a couple of times - the garden always looks so colorful.

    CrochetBlogger - I'm still sitting on the fence about the colors. I hope some little baby's Mom will like it.

  8. I think the blanket looks beautiful Debi, you are prolific! I love your lamp, and the bird's nest idea - super cute! I just machine-sewed a bunch of my ends to some water-soluble stabilizer and plan to use the 'patch' in some freeform crochet :-)

  9. Ooooh...the blankie is so pretty! I love that color, whatever it is, LoL.

    What a cute idea for the yarn scraps/lamp!

    To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping. - - Chinese Proverb

  10. Hello, Debi.
    The blanket is lovely to see. Seems very soft too!
    And what a cute idea to fill the base of your lamp with rests of your yarns. I like it very much!
    Dear greetings, Lia

  11. That blanket is absolutely gorgeous! I adore the colors! Sometimes that mill ends yarn is the best!
    I'm going to have to enter that giveaway! And yes, that IS a great prize!
    Grace Ann


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