Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~ crochet hooks & a fort ~

These are my new crochet hooks.  The top 2 I bought from NK Designs on etsy.  I couldn't resist - they're so pretty - and besides, one can never have too many crochet hooks.  The bottom 2 I made myself.  Mine are alot less fancy. I was a little hesitant to photograph the hooks together - but I figure, what the hey?  They're mine and I like 'em.  :)


Victoria over at '...yarn round hook...' showed off her beautiful new bolster cushion and asked if all children shared a 'throw the cushions off the sofa' trait.  I took this picture a few minutes ago - my gs James definately has that trait (he also has some bed pillows in there too).  He's loving the little fort he made.  :)
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  1. I am totally intrigued with how to make these beautiful hand crafted hooks. They are so wonderful! Same goes for that African Flower blankie :) And yeap, I think it is a gene that runs true in all children. My 4 year old totally does the same thing!

  2. Love the hooks! I bought one a week or so ago that is wood on the end. I like it ok but it took some getting used to it.

  3. I like your hooks too. I have a few with the bamboo handles and they're great to use too. From what I remember about my sons when they were young, pillows and blankets too ended up off beds/couches on the floor in front of the television quite often.

  4. My little guy builds a fort just about every afternoon. James looks like he's having fun and your blankets looks so pretty. I love your hooks and am going to have to check out the Etsy site you suggest. Have a great day Debi. :-)

  5. Your crochet hooks look beautiful!

  6. Love all your hooks, Debi, and the ones you made are just as nice as the ones you bought. :)

    Love your grandson's fort. :D

  7. :-)
    I remember in children, myself included, the pleasure of private spaces. My son had the habit, when he was younger then 3, to sit inside a lumber-space where I posted the steel pots.
    My father gave us, during summer, the opportunity to sleep during the night in our garden inside a camping tent. And so on, with other memories...


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