Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~ 1st delivery ~

I delivered 10 baby blankies to the Bowie/Crofton Pregnancy Clinic this morning.  I was so nervous.  I had called before I left to ask if they would accept them (they said yes), but I still had thoughts of them turning me away saying 'thanks, but no thanks' going thru my head on the drive there.  They were so nice and very appreciative.  Sheryl is the lady in the picture and it would of been a better picture if I had of thought to take the blankies out of the bag.  :) 

(I blacked out my blog name and email address on the little cards - I prefer it to be anonymous.)

The other 10 blankies will be delivered to Prince George's Hospital on Friday.  I called and asked permission and the lady I talked to on the phone said 'Sure, we'll take them'.  I'll let ya'll know how that visit goes.    
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  1. Today, I said to Mr.T that I would love to make a baby blanket but didn't have any babies to make one for.
    After reading this post I think I might just go ahead and give it away.
    This is what I love about blogs, there's always something out there to give inspiration....


  2. Good for you! It can be so intimidating to offer a part of yourself to others - no matter how good and genuine the reason behind it. Glad you went in and delivered them. 10 beautiful babies will now be blessed by your generosity. So cool!

  3. Debi, your delivery is marvellous!
    I know how you felt about going there. I feel exactly the same when I am delivering the blankets to the Nursing Homes. I wonder afterwards why I worried.
    A sense of achievement, and I am so proud of you!
    Well done, you've made beautiful blankets from what I can see. Oh superb! x

  4. You must live near me! I lived in PG county for about 15 years, then moved up to Howard Co. 4 years ago. Just up the road!

  5. Thanks so much ladies - your kind words put a smile on my face. :)

    Julie - I live in Old Bowie - small world. :)

  6. How wonderful Debi! The women at the center will surely love wrapping their little babes in one of your lovely blankets. I'm sure they will be appreciated by both the center and the women on the receiving end. It's a wonderful thing you are doing. :-)

  7. How outstanding is this! I am so happy for you to had accomplished your goal and that you blessed those new mothers. You are AMAZING!!!!

  8. Thanks very much Heather and BumbleBri. :)

  9. Oh isn't that a lovely thing to do.

    As a mum of a baby that was in hospital having major surgery from birth, I can say that the little hand made items you're able to use in these places, makes all the difference and I'm sure that the ladies at this centre will appreciate your lovely blankies just as much!

    Well done. :)

  10. It is very sweet of you to do that.

  11. How generous and kind of you. I hope you got to do some baby coo-ing while you were there! Do the new mums get to keep the blankies? If so, how lovely to think of all the cuddles and loving (and probably dragging around on the floor by toddlers!) your blankies will recieve...for generations!

  12. Thanks ladies. :)

    Sara - there were no babies when I went there. Darn. I love little babies. The new Moms get to keep the blankies for their babies. :)


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