Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~ a few things ~

* I've changed my blog name back to the original name.  I'm one of those people that has to have things in order and it has been bugging me that my blog name did not match my blog address. 

* Has anyone had problems with blogs disappearing off of your blog roll?  I've had quite a few disappear and I've had to re-follow.

* I crocheted one of Barbara's pretty 'Bavarian popcorn flowers'.  It's so cute.  You can find the pattern on her blog 'Made in K-town'.  I crocheted my flower with RHSS and a J hook - it measures 4 1/2" across.  I'm using it as a coaster.

* I finished baby blankie #2b.  I'm still sitting on the fence about this one.  I try to think of different shapes and stuff and they look nice when I'm picturing it in my head, but when I'm finished with it I'm not too sure I like it.  I think I'll like it after I look at it a couple hundred times.  :)

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  1. Debi: Thanks for the link! I love the flower...I adore the baby blanket..The colors are amazing..I am a huge fan of varigated yarns..

  2. I like that you always decorate your porch with your afghans..your neighbors can see what you have finished first. Love it.

  3. I think the blanket is absolutely PERFECT!

  4. Cute flower and afghan, Debi. Love the colors in the afghan! :D My biggest blog problem these days is when it won't let me post a comment. Keeps telling me I am not allowed to access page, or something like that. I had been having troubles posting to Blogger too, but since I started using Windows Live Writer, that's going better for me. :)

    Have a great day!

  5. Love the blanky. I like different and yours are not the 'norm'. That's a good thing! :o)

    I seem to have a lot of trouble with blogger, or is it just me? I haven't noticed blogs missing in my blogroll but I haven't been on a whole lot either.

    My blog name doesn't match my url at all. That's because it was too late to change the url to match when I thought of Hookin It's name. No one has ever said anything about it not matching though. Oh well. Hope your day has been good so far!

  6. I think half the time I've been calling your blog by this name anyway actually. Eek. :) As for Blogger problems, I wish everyone would switch to Wordpress. :)

  7. Neat blanket Debi! :-) I haven't noticed any problems with my blog roll, but I haven't checked it in a while either. It doesn't seem like as much is coming through my feed, but I just figured it was the time of year with more people outside. I'll have to check it out.

  8. Ooh! I love the blanket! Everything you crochet is so pretty.

  9. Hi Debi, I like the "Hooks and Yarns" title and the additional "with crafts and gardening too" sounds very good and interesting!

    I'm feeling kind of honored that you've made my flower and put the picture on your blog, it looks nice! :) And using it as a coaster is a good idea, mine are too small for that.

    I LOVE your blanket #2b, it's so different from all the other baby blankets out there in blogland, and I think it's fascinating that the variegated yarn matches the colors of the hexagons!

    What else... ah: no problems with my blogroll so far :)

    (just in case you've received a similar comment a few minutes before, just erase this one. My connection broke down just when I wanted to post it. No earthquake, but a bad, bad storm over k-town! :))

  10. The blankie is lovely! It's so nice to see lots of different designs. I think the colours are pretty together as well.

    Love the popcorn flower. I made popcorn flower squares in one of my cushions and I was so pleased with how they turned out. This is a very pretty version. I'll have to go look at the pattern.


  11. My blog name doesn't match my url address because when I started my blog I couldn't think of a good name. Later I changed the name but kept the address. I felt the earthquake here in SC!

  12. ooh! love that flower and the blankie.xxxjulie

  13. love those crocheted items!
    yes, blogger has been messing up on me for at least a year now.
    i've tried other blogs, like typepad and wordpress. i could not figure them out as quick as blogger. so i started over, and still blogging. but most days i'm frustrated with it.

  14. Hello, Debi. Yes, it's a bit a strange form for a blanket..., but will be surely useful in any case.
    I am taking a look on your blog again.
    Dear greetings, Lia

  15. I love the blanket! And the flower of course. :)


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