Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~ It's Blogday (well, yesterday was) ~

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday - no excuses - I just simply forgot.


The cute blog I'd like to highlight for Blogday is a relatively new one to me.  I was blog-hopping one morning and happened to hop into "Crocheting the Day Away" - with some knitting, coffee, and some other fun crafts thrown in...   Right away I was intrigued.  I love all the pretty colors that she uses and her projects are always so nice.  When I look at her pictures I always think to myself "I want to make one of those".  She also has the most adorable little model - makes me wish my little girl (almost 29 now) was still little.

When you get a chance, hop on over for a visit - don't forget to say "Hi".  :)         
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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this blog, Debi. I'm loving it! So colorful and she seems like such a nice person. :) I look forward to blog day and missed you yesterday. :)

  2. I agree; She has such beautiful photos and a beautiful little girl!

  3. Another lovely blog to enjoy. Thanks for highlighting it.



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