Monday, August 1, 2011

~ It's Blogday ~

Good morning ladies.  Today's feature for Blogday is a blog that I have mentioned a little here already.  It's Neicee's 'Insomniac with a Hook'.  She crochets, knits and quilts some of the prettiest things I've seen.  She has a good eye for color - everything goes together so well.  She's also very nice and helpful.  A little while back I mentioned that I would like to try out a certain pattern and she kindly took the time out of her busy day and emailed me the link to it.  Thanks again Neicee.  If you have some free time today - go and check out her blog with all the pretties she has created.  You'll be glad you did.  :)      
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  1. I've been following ever since you first mentioned this blog!

  2. glad you told us about her! I'm now subscribed to her feed!♥

  3. Its a lovely blog and I do follow her work.. Love the quilt she has made..
    Have a great day :))

  4. Thanks for this Debi.
    I was reading your blog on my iphone but it wouldn't let me comment, so I'm back today.
    I love the new square. I do hope you will allow me to link you on the SIBOL Archive Blog. Ladies very often want to try something new and that would be a good place to show it.
    The blanket, well I think its a fantastic colour for a baby, I think anything goes these days. We dont seem to stick to the traditional pink and blue.
    good work, love suex

  5. Thanks for mentioning me Debi! I so enjoy hearing from New people!

  6. Mrs. Twins - sure, posting a link to my square would be great. Thanks for the compliment on my blankie. :)

    You're very welcome Neicee. :)


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