Thursday, September 22, 2011

~ goodies in the mail ~

I love getting goodies in the mail.  I received my giveaway prize from Susanne of 'Forget-Me-Not' yesterday and it really brightened my day.  I've been kinda moping around lately - no job to go to - no taking care of the grandson's since school started - I feel like I have no purpose.  There's only so much house cleaning and crocheting a person can do.  Oh well - enough of that.  I received this lovely hand-knit dishcloth, a Fall theme hand towel, a leaf shaped votive candle holder, 2 cute little ladybug magnets (my little girl dog is named Ladybug), 2 tubes of lotion and a handmade bar of goat milk soap.  The fragrance of the goat milk soap is 'pink sugar' and it smells really good. 

Thanks so much Susanne for putting a smile on my face - you're an angel.  :)      
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  1. What a fun thing to get in the mail, Debi, and it sounds like it came at a time when you needed it. :) Enjoy your day, my friend!

  2. Glad to see that this lovely package made your day smile. Sounds like it's time to learn something new to get yourself out of a little slump. Is there a craft you've always wanted to try?!

  3. Hi Debi,just popped by to say Thankyou so much for entering the giveaway and for adding me to your sidebar:)
    What a lovely giveaway you received today,isnt it great this blogging!I Love it!
    Sorry your feeling down in the dumps ,I m feeling a bit that way too,miss my babies when there in school,(not really babies any more ,though,nearly 13 & my sons 17)
    I get so much inspiration from blogs though,and I so love to get a comment.
    Well take care & pop on over anytime for a chat,love

  4. A friend of mine makes soap too. I love the smell of it but I don't like how it leaves my skin. Not dry, not sticky, just yuk. Maybe it's just me.

    You received a nice package.

  5. A lovely gift and so pleased it brightened your day :))

  6. Congrats Debi! What a lovely gift to get through the post.

    The little ladybugs (we call them ladybirds in the UK)are so cute and I just love the dishcloth!



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