Sunday, September 25, 2011

~ a request ~

I love sharing my patterns with everyone, but if you borrow a picture or re-post my pattern to another site - I would very much appreciate a quick comment to let me know. 

I really don't mind it - I think it's great that you like my patterns - I'd just like to know so I can go to your blog and check it out.  Thanks so much.   :)
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  1. I totally agree and understand. I try to ensure that the original post is mentioned. If I have used one of your or anybody else's patterns and did not acknowledge your site, I apologize.

  2. No Charlotte - it's not you. I came across a blog this morning that has my preemie wiggles blankie pattern (with my pictures) posted on her blog. She does have a link to my blog but still, a comment from her would of been nice. :)

  3. You are generous to share, I don't think letting you know that she is going to use your pattern/picture on her blog is asking to much. Have a good day!

  4. Sounds like a fair request. I think I forget to do this myself sometimes. I track linkbacks to my own site so I typically see when people have shared something somewhere else and I forget that not everyone does that or would know that I've linked to them. Although I would certainly ask before sharing someone's whole pattern!

  5. I understand but You wrote here on your blog:

    You are more than welcome to use them as you wish - just don't sell the pattern or claim them as your own.


  6. Andrea - everything is ok. I am glad that you like my blankie pattern. If you leave me a quick comment next time then I can come visit your blog. :)

  7. Thank you Debi. Got it. Next time I will let you know.
    People like your patterns in Hungary too just cant understand. Someone asked me to translate and it was very quick I published immediately without asking you. Usually I do ask. Now you found out...:)


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