Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~ so cool ~

Is this just the coolest or what?  I received this card in the mail today and it certainly put a smile on my face - in fact, I'm still smiling.  I absolutely love it.

I think I have it figured out - but it did take me a little while.  Angelique - are you my mystery card sender?  Thank you so much for brightening my day.  :) 
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  1. This is brilliant, how did you figure out who's sent you this card??

  2. Yes, you're right! haha
    I thought you could use a littlebit of relaxing and a smile. You're welcome!

  3. Barbara - with the tulips and little wooden shoes on the front, I guessed it was from Holland - also the big 'A' on the front gave me a clue.

    Thanks again Angelique. :)

  4. What a fun idea! Lovely and thoughtful as well.



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