Monday, October 10, 2011

~ it's Blogday ~

The blog I've chosen to be in the spotlight for this Blogday is Charlotte's 'Charlotte's Web'.  Her blog is about her family, yard sales and crochet - it's great.  I love looking at all of her fun finds when she goes yard-saling and wishing some of it was mine.  And of course, I love looking at all of her crochet.  She's been crocheting afghans lately and her most recent one - a log cabin - is just beautiful.  Great work.  Hop on over to say 'hi' when you get a chance.  :)       
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  1. Glad you made it back safe! Loved the pics. You got quite a bit done on the round ripple.

  2. Hi Debi! Glad to see you made it home safely. Enjoyed seeing your vacation pics and your round scrap ripple is looking so colorful and coming along nicely. Can't wait to see it completed. have a great week.


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