Thursday, October 13, 2011

~ scarf CAL ~

I belong to a Ravelry group called 'Crochet Country' - we're just starting a scarf CAL and here is mine so far.  This alpaca yarn I bought in Canada is thin and it's driving me nuts - I'm used to worsted weight.

Come on over and join us - I'd love to see you there.  :)
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  1. I agree (with your comment about great minds). :-) Your scarf is going to be really pretty Debi. I've never worked with alpaca before, can't wait to see how it turns out! :-)

  2. Scarf is going to be so pretty! I love the yarn in the cup ... so cozy a setting for some lovely crochet. Your round ripple and the circles in previous posts are gorgeous. Can't believe I missed so many posts. Glad to get caught up.

  3. Wonderful work on these posts Debi. I just love your ripple I wish I was clever enough to do one. Always wanted to.....
    I loved the photo of you both! That's just me taking my crocheting where ever I go.
    Great photos too thanks so much for sharing. I always think nice to get back home amongst your own surrounds.
    Love to you and keep tuned next week for our 100th Blanket.
    Love and best wishes Suex

  4. The scarf looks like it's going to be pretty!
    Love the colour.



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