Wednesday, November 23, 2011

~ granny square swap anyone? ~

Would anyone like to do a granny square swap with me?  

I would like to swap a 6" granny square with 10 of my blogging friends.  (I will send you one and you will send me one.)  I'm thinking that a granny square blanket crocheted by friends would be the best.  Any color will be fine, but I would like each square to be acrylic and 6" square.  They do not have to be fancy or anything - plain ones are good.  

I figure that 6 granny square swaps (a total of 60 squares) would make a very nice size blanket.  The swaps will be spaced out over time so as not to be overwhelming.

For this 1st installment of the swap - the deadline will be the end of December.  

If you are interested, just leave me a comment saying that you would like to swap.  I'll take the first 10 commenters for this swap.  Thanks so much.  :)


A re-cap:

- 1 granny square
- any color
- acrylic yarn
- 6" square
- mailed out by the end of December
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  1. What's the time frame for the swap? And is the initial swap just 1 square??

  2. Hi Rie - For this 1st installment of the swap the deadline will be the end of December. We will swap just 1 (one) square each. :)

  3. I may be interested in doing this after the first of the year... I am a bit swamped at the moment! great idea though!

  4. Thanks Sarah. There's going to be 6 installments in total, so if you'd like - anytime you join in will be good. :)

  5. Dear Debi,

    I would also like to crochet a square for you if I may! ... This is a wonderful idea and I am looking forward to see your finished blanket next year. So if you like, I'm happy to "swap".
    On my tape measure is on the back "in" ... this fit then? And you want a specified yarn or needle size? Really great idea...and i love it!

    I send many greetings and wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  6. Debi, I'm in. So,

    1 plain old granny square, 6"
    by the end of December.

    Any color or colors?

    Thanks, Renee

  7. Would Aus be to far to send to ??

  8. Hey Debi, I never asked you before but do you have an iPhone, and more importantly the Instagram app? Myself and a couple of ladies on there are having an Instagram granny swap too! You can still join in you want to :) We make 5 squares a week and somewhere next year we will swap them all out so we each end up with unique afghans :)
    ps Because of that swap, I'll skip your swap for now because I fear I won't be able to make time for it! ;)

  9. hi I am new to your site but I would like to join the swap!

  10. Thanks Marion, Renee and Cynthia (TwoLuLa). :)

    Pattas - that would be fine if you would like to join in. :)

    Winkieflash - no, I don't have an I-phone. I have a plain, old-school phone that doesn't even take pictures. One of these days I'll get me a new one though. :)

  11. I'd love to take part! Sounds fun!
    Grace Ann

  12. What a good idea. I would love to swap with you but I live in England, is that ok?
    By the way, your blog is lovely.
    Emma xxx

  13. Thank you Emma - posting to England will be fine. :)

  14. Hola Debi Y. y gracias.
    Puedes pasar por mi blog para recoger el premio ya que tus blogs son una inspiración para mí.
    The crochet way me anima a hacer proyectos que gracias a ti puedo enseñar a otras personas.
    Un saludo.

  15. I would love to participate! This is my fav blog!

  16. That would be great Debi, and thank you for your comment on my blog.

    Emma xxx xxx

  17. Happy Thanksgiving Debi, I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day. I'm waiting for our guests and for the turkey to hit 170 degrees. :-)

  18. If there's still room. I would love to join:)

  19. Thanks Heather. :)

    Christy - there's still room - thanks for joining in. :)

  20. I will leave it up to you Debbi, I think it would be a great idea......... :))

  21. Thanks pattas - I'm glad you're joining me. :)

  22. I'd be glad to join, either this or the next swap :)

  23. Great idea! I would love to join but not this time. Please do this again! Love this idea and can't wait to see your finished afghans!!!

  24. hi Debi where should we send them to?

  25. Hi Christy - send me your mailing address to and I'll send you my mailing address. :)

  26. I'd love to join in. I'm a new reader.

  27. Hi me - that would be great. Please send me your mailing address to

    I also have a re-cap posted if you could read that. :)


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