Monday, November 7, 2011

~ it's Blogday ~

Good morning everyone.  Today's blog in the spotlight is Sue's 'SIBOL - Sunshine International Blankets of Love'.  Now I'm sure that most everyone is probably familiar with Sue's SIBOL project, but if by chance you're not, please check out her blog to see the wonderful work that she's doing. 

Crocheters and knitters from around the world send Sue 6" squares and she crochets them together to create such wonderful blankets to donate to the residents of retirement homes.  Sue does this to honor the memory of her Grandmother. 

I am quite amazed at the work that Sue puts into her project.  She keeps all the squares organized with the senders name and posts them on the blog.  There is always updates - you don't have to wonder if your squares ever made the long trip to her.  When she crochets the squares together, she does it beautifully, and then she presents the blanket on SIBOL like it's a prize from a game show and you're sitting there thinking "oooo - I want that one".  She then crochets her signature butterflies for SIBOL to coordinate with the blanket and wraps it with a pretty ribbon.  

Her husband then helps her to make the deliveries to the retirement homes, and I can only imagine the joy that is brought to the residents when they receive a beautiful blanket.

So far, there has been 110 blankets created for SIBOL.  Such great work Sue - you're an angel on earth.  :)


'Inside Crochet' magazine is asking for nominations for your favorite craft blog.  Please click on this link to leave a comment to nominate SIBOL.    
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  1. SIBOL is a great organization and Sue is definitely a sweetheart. I've always enjoyed my online interactions with her and certainly love seeing the creative donated squares that she gets!

  2. What a fantastic blog. She does amazing work. Thanks for the link Debi.


  3. Oh Debi how sweet of you thank you very much!I do feel I am in a very priviledged position to use Squares from talented Ladies all around the World. We have made some terrific blankets and I am sure the Blankets will be very well received.

    I am always so grateful of help from our on line friends!
    Love and best wishes Suex


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