Wednesday, November 9, 2011

~ more stuff ~

I hope I'm not bothering ya'll, but I have a couple more things to show you.  First - I started a baby blankie last night.  I frogged the 'baby crooked ripple' (just couldn't get into it) and I'm using that yarn along with a strand of white baby yarn to crochet a hexagon.

And second - yesterday, Susanne from 'Forget-Me-Not' posted about her collection of cookie cutters.  She asked if we had collections and at first I commented that I only collected yarn, but then I realized that I do have a collection - belt buckles.  It all started with my Dad's belt buckle that my Mom gave to me about a year ago.  My Dad loved bluegrass music - he played it all the time.  His main instrument was the mandolin, but he could play anything.  I have many, many memories of my Dad and his friends playing music in the living room of the house I grew up in.  Picture amplifiers, microphones, guitars, a mandolin, a dobro, a banjo, a fiddle, anything really.  It was fantastic.  When Vince would come to pick me up for a date, he wouldn't want to leave - he wanted to stay and listen to the music.  :)  

The music stopped for my Dad in 1989 and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about him.  We all still miss him.  

This is my Dad's belt buckle - he wore it a little to the left so it wouldn't scratch the back of the instruments:
 and here is the rest of my collection:
I think my 2nd favorite is the cupcake buckle.  :)
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  1. What a great memory of your father. I love all your "girlie" buckles. The VW van one is especially cool. Your baby blanket it coming along beautifully, I like the pattern you are using, very pretty. Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing all the great links. :-)

  2. I love belt buckles. after putting on some weight when i had my daughter, i started to wear a belt... now, i cant imagine an outfit without that accessory. i also super love the hexagon! how'd you get the holes??

  3. Thanks Heather and BumbleBri. :)

    BumbleBri - the holes are a ch-1 before the corner V-stitches.

  4. My sister and her husband follow the bluegrass circuit. I love the VW! That's really cool.

  5. Love your hexagon, Debi. That yarn is just so yummy and your hexagon pattern is cute! :) I *love* bluegrass music. My parents used to take some of us kids to bluegrass festivals back in the day.

    Great belt buckle collection, and thanks for sharing the story about your dad. My dad passed away ten years ago this Nov. 28th. And like you, I still miss my dad immensely.

  6. Don't you ever feel like you are bothereing anyone. I look forward to reading about your crochet adventures. Thanks for the information about where the link box was for the Universal Craft Directory. I've been hunting for it for an hour now :-(

  7. what a great buckle and a wonderful memory! It must have been awesome to grow up in a house where people play music. I remember that my father used to play the trumpet when I was very, very little. He hasn't played an instrument ever since, but my Mom told me, that he's recently bought a harmonica - I wonder what he's up to :)

  8. I love the split bus! Had a 1958 double door a few years ago but like most things that hobby came and went, LOL! Cheers! ~M

  9. Oh Debi - We love to see your "stuff" -always so enjoyable and interesting!
    Always look forward to your postings and great pics!

    Mary Lou

  10. Thanks ladies - I appreciate all your nice comments. :)

  11. Your blog has become one of the first that I check daily!!! You are never a bother, the word "inspiration" comes to mind!!! The memory of your Dad brought tears to my eyes. I miss my Dad so very much! I guess we'll always be "Daddy's Girls"!! I LOVE the baby blanket! Is it just a hexagon that you will make larger? Or make lots of hexes?

  12. Thank you so much Allyson. :)

    I'm planning on just crocheting a large hexagon for the baby blankie.

  13. Debi, I love reading your blog. Never are you a bother, sometimes we just remember another tid bit to share, and I'm sure everyone enjoys reading about it. Thanks for mentioning my blog. It is interesting to see what other people collect and why they started collecting in the first place. Love the hex and will check back to see what develops as you add more. Have a great weekend.
    {{{HUGS}}} Susanne :)

  14. Thank you very much Susanne. :)

  15. Far from being a bother Debi! I love your blog and come here first. There's always so much so see and enjoy. I get lots of ideas from here and I can't wait to try the squiggles pattern you so kindly shared.

    Love your collection and the memories. Out of your own buckles I love the VW and the cupcake. Both gorgeous.

    I adore the hexagon, the 'holes' detail really looks fab. How did you do that?


  16. Thanks Kim. :)

    The holes detail is a ch-1 space before the corner V-sts.

  17. Hi Debi,
    Wow that is so...strange. I went to the shopping centre today and my Daughter and myself were looking at the stall selling 'buckles' how strange is that! Popped over to you and this is what I am reading!
    Have a good weekend Debi and thanks very much for your kind comments.
    Love Suex


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