Tuesday, November 15, 2011

~ Two on Tuesday ~

I've seen similar posts on other blogs, so I decided to start my own. Every Tuesday I will post 2 things that make me happy or that I just plain love. Join me if you'd like. :)


Two things that make me happy:

* the way my Vince just looks at me and smiles when I bring home more yarn. He also says 'yaaaarrrrrnnnn' in his best pirate voice.

* walking Tex and Ladybug on a nice, sunny day.

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  1. That's hilarious that he uses a pirate voice when he says yarn. My hubby just rolls his eyes and sighs when I get yarn. :)

  2. Hi! I'm visiting your blog today and enjoyed all your post. I loved that one about your crochet spot!! I always crochet surrounded with my own stuff (and mesh of course). Even our younger dog Jake was included!, but cand you believe me if I told you that my crochet spot is my bed!!!
    Hubby is just "exiliated" in the living room...
    Hugs from Spain

  3. OMG Deb that is soo funny! I may never say yarn the right way again. Love my animals also!

  4. Sounds like a great idea Debi. Your husband sounds like a fun guy. My hubby usually just says, "Hmmmmmm". :-)

  5. My hubby says "Another blanket?" when I bring home yarn haha. He doesn't give me any grief over my yarn purchases because he knows a lot of it is destined to be donated as a blanket.

    He didn't see today's purchase though...

  6. I think I've been inspired! I will have to try this with my own blog.

  7. Great idea:) I need to spend more time writing on my blog and less time reading them. Lol I just so enjoy everything on blogs.. Thanks for great idea....keep up the awesome blog

  8. awww Vince that would make me so happy too. :) You are a lucky girl to have such a funny man. xx

  9. I love walking my "Sonny boy" on a nice sunny day. Thank you for visiting my blog!

  10. thankyou for stopping by my blog today, :)
    Two things that make me happy?? Where do I start??
    #1 My feet are on this side of the dirt :))
    #2 A great morning cuppa :))

  11. this time I leave 2 things here too:
    - I love to see my beloved ones busy in daily things,
    - love to be in good health too, now that I am handicapped, with only 1 available hand... how dear is our health!

  12. I always love to read what you post. I laughed when I saw what you said about how your hubby reacts to when you bring more yarn home. My husband just says that I have taken over this complete house with all of my "stuff", lol. It did help that his mom was a lover of quilting and yarn, so he was kinda use to seeing "stuff" way back when he was growing up. Now 2 things that make me happy.....
    ~ my lovely family ~
    ~ being able to get out of bed each day knowing God is there to help me get through any troubles~


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