Thursday, December 29, 2011

~ a granny square ~

I received a granny square from Emma of 'The Log Cabin' yesterday.  She also sent along a nice Christmas ornament too.  Thank you very much Emma.  :)

I'm really enjoying this granny swap ladies.  Now I have to decide whether I want to put the granny squares together as I get them, or wait until the end of the swap.  I think I'm leaning toward putting them together as I get them.

Thanks to all the ladies who are participating in the granny swap.  This is alot of fun.  :)
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  1. Hello! The granny that you received is really very beautiful .. Happy New Year!

  2. What a fun swap! I can't wait to see it all put together.

  3. Hi Debi,
    Yay! You finally received it. I sent it about three weeks ago, glad you like it. If it takes that long, I'd better send the next one soon haha.

    Lots of love,
    Emma xxx xxx

  4. What wonderful mail to receive. It seems like the granny swap is going great!

  5. That is a beautiful granny square.
    We had a dog for 18 wonderful years named Ladybug.

  6. The granny square s colors are so soft so nice. I like it...

  7. Lovely colours in the square :))

  8. Hello! I have not forgotten about you! I do have my square done for you and plan to mail it on Saturday! Sorry for the delay!

  9. A wonderful granny square did you get ... and a really nice christmas ornament too!
    Debi you're a real lucky guy :)
    Enjoy your day and i send you many greetings,

  10. Love the square and gift Debi. I'm so sorry to hear your sad news what a shock for you and your family thinking of you all
    Love sue x

  11. those colour are wounderful they go so well together.

  12. What fun! That's a nice ornament. Have a very happy new year.

  13. Just wanted to let you know I placed your square in the mail today... regular post so you should expect it in 7-10 days!

  14. Thanks everyone.

    Thank you Sue for the condolences.

    Happy New Year Pradeepa.

    That's great Sarah - I'll be on the lookout for it. :)


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