Monday, December 12, 2011

~ it's Blogday ~

Today's blog to highlight is 'Marions bunte Handarbeitswelt' (or 'Marion's colorful handmade world').  Marion's blog is in German, and it really doesn't translate very well - but you get the gist of what she's saying.

I enjoy visiting Marion's blog to see what she has crocheted.  All of her projects are very pretty and colorful.  Between her pillows, bags, hats, tissue covers, and everything else, it's hard to pick a favorite - but I do love that giant flower pillow.  Oh, and the lovely blue shrug too.     

Marion is just the sweetest lady - she always has something nice to say, and she never fails to put a smile on my face.  Hop on over for a look-around - don't forget to say 'Hi'.  :)
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  1. Debi ... I swear, I'm just bright red!
    My heart is racing like crazy ...
    WOW ... that's an absolute honor for me and I thank you from my heart for your kind words about my blog!

    Oh and I hope with all my heart the Square still arrives, we'll give him a few more days ...

    Thanks a million and a wonderful day for you,

  2. You're very welcome Marion - and you have a wonderful day too. :)


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