Thursday, December 15, 2011

~ more ornaments & a granny square ~

(click on picture to make it bigger)

To Barbara - here is a collage of a few of my Christmas ornaments.  There's the ones I've already showed you, plus a few with the craft paint swirl, glitter paint, ribbons, beads and pom-poms. 


I received my granny square from Marion of 'Marion's colorful handmade world' yesterday.  She also sent along a few surprises too.  There is a snowflake, a little granny star, and 2 little tea-light candles.  See - I told you she was a sweet lady.  Thanks so much Marion.  :)

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  1. How very nice..I just love getting stuff in the mail..

  2. I love your filled ornaments! I just noticed these in AC Moore this past weekend. I've run out of time for new projects before the holidays but will totally have to stock up on some on 12/26 for next year's holiday season!

  3. Dear Debi,

    your ornaments are all so pretty ... just beautiful! I am so happy that my Granny has arrived yet and I'm happy I could make you a little joy with the snowflake and the little grannystar.

    Your granny also arrived today!
    I'm very, very happy - I love the turquoise with brown - a wonderful combination of colors! Many, many thanks also for the sweet buttons!

    I'm going straight to the Christmas party of my office (i´m now a little to late) and hope i can show your Granny in my Blog later when I'm back at home.

    Again, i thank you so much for this Swap!
    Enjoy your day and have a lot of fun...

    I send many, many Greetings,

  4. Thanks for sharing more ornaments, Debi - your tree is really full of personal treasures! We're planning to decorate our tree this week-end, so I hope I can share some pictures, soon!

  5. Hi Debi! Love your ornaments. Thanks for sharing. I should have more pics on my blog soon. Have a great weekend.


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