Tuesday, December 13, 2011

~ Two on Tuesday ~

Two things that make me happy:

* driving in my car and the radio is playing all my favorite songs

* seeing Santa Claus waiting (for Mrs. Claus, I presume) in his minivan at the grocery store.   

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  1. I hope it was Mrs. Claus he was waiting for and not another woman! Or maybe it was an elf! :-) Merry Christmas!

  2. I love singing to the "oldies" as my grandkids call them..never thought pink floyd would be considered oldie music...

  3. Santa in a minivan?? Maybe his sled was in the shop for a tune-up before the big night?! Anyway, I love to keep the radio station tuned in to the "oldies" that I can sing along with.

  4. LOL!!!! that's too funny about Santa waiting on Mrs. Claus in the parking lot! I assume she was doing Christmas shopping? The car is usually where you find my husband at the end of a day at the mall :-)

  5. Love it :)
    Love the Santa Races for raising money for childrens charity..
    Lining up to have pics taken on Santa's Knee :))

  6. Lol! I would love to see that - Mrs Claus in the supermarket! What a hoot!


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