Wednesday, December 14, 2011

~ yarn scraps ornament & granny squares ~

I bought alot of these clear glass ornaments from Joann's last year after Christmas and I even bought a couple from the thrift store.  I filled them with ribbons, pom-poms and beads - and I swirled craft paint and glitter paint on the inside of some (that takes forever to dry).  I had one ornament left, so I decided to fill it with yarn scraps.  I borrowed the yarn scraps from the lamp I filled a little while ago.


I've received granny squares from palynsea (no blog) and Renee from 'Renee's Crochet' and I love them all.  I'm starting to get excited thinking about putting these squares together.  Thank you very much ladies.  :)

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  1. I really like that yarn ornament! Great idea!

  2. And once again I wonder, how you come up with so easy yet original ideas :) Will you show us the other ornaments, too?

  3. Just got online to print off some Christmas present labels, but I just have to take the time to tell you I *love* your yarn scraps ornament!!! Seriously, I love it! I am going to have to see if I can find some of those clear ornaments on clearance after Christmas, and make some. I can just picture my tree decorated with them next year. :D Well, I can hope. LOL My dd's in town more than I am, so I'll have her keep an eye out for me. :) Nice squares, too, btw. :)

  4. Hi Debi,
    What a good idea, I like the one filled with yarn! Those granny squares are really pretty. I'm a bit worried because you should have received mine by now, I hope it hasn't got lost in the post. If you haven't received it by next week I'll send another one.
    Lots of love,
    Emma xxx xxx

  5. Thanks ladies. :)

    Barbara - I'll see if I can put up a few more ornament pics.

    Hi Emma - hopefully I'll get it any day now. I'll let you know.

  6. I use to do craft shows and decorated a ton of glass ornaments to sell. I still have several and really should get them out and put them to use. I decorated them with ribbon, lace, beads, artificial greenery and just about anything that seemed appropriate. It was a great way of using up bits of trim that wasn't big enough to use for anything else. Like your ideas Debi.
    Susanne :)

  7. Great idea you have there Debi :))
    My square to you was posted last Thurs, so lets hope it arrives in the next couple of weeks :))

  8. Dear Debi,

    i love this yarn ornament!
    That looks so pretty ... a brilliant idea.
    WOW ... I absolutely have to find those "to be filled" clear ornaments. I think this is also a great gift for a crochet or a knitting fan.

    I am so happy that my Granny has now arrived and I hope you like it, thank you also for your kind words about my post.

    I wish you a wonderful Day and send you many Greetings,

  9. woooow I wish I have a clear Christmas ball to fill it with yarn like you did :) It is really lovely :) super idea!
    Happy holidays Debi!

  10. I like the glass ornament with yarn! Beautiful and unusual...
    Olga ☼

  11. I really love what you have done putting the yarn in the christmas ball.
    I also love reading your blog, you inspire me when I get all crocheted

  12. Thanks ladies - ya'll always put a smile on my face when I read your nice comments. :)


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