Thursday, January 19, 2012

~ Carol Hummel ~

I received this message from Carol just a little bit ago:

"Hi Debi! Love your site... I'm Carol Hummel, a crochet artist (I'm the one who crochets trees and people and landscapes and other things ..can see them at I'm a finalist in an international art contest about "The Future of Cities" and I think it would be really cool if a crochet artist could win (or at least look respectable!!) If you think it's a worthy cause, I'd appreciate it if you'd pass on this CALL FOR VOTES to all the crocheters in your world and ask them to pass it along....and along...and along ...and along Go to: Vote for CAROL HUMMEL of NEWBURY, OHIO PLEASE VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE ON SMART PHONES & COMPUTERS NOW THROUGH JANUARY 31st. Thanks for any thing you can do! Carol"

If you enjoy Carol's work, head on over and give her a vote.  :)
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  1. I'll have to check that out.

    I looked all over town today for plastic hearts and no luck at all. Two craft stores and two dollar-type stores. I did find some 3" round rings though and will try those. Can't wait to get started now on that lovely pattern.

  2. Carol Hummel is awesome. I'll definitely make sure to spread the word on this one with you!


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