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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

~ finished poncho, egg hats & a heart ~

I finished my poncho last night.  I used this pattern: 'Light & Airy Poncho', but I decided not to add the fringe.  And I also used an L hook instead of the required P hook.  I like this pattern - it worked up very quick and it was so easy.


Aren't they the cutest?  I found a 'new to me' blog a couple of days ago - it's called 'Just be happy' - and she came up with the pattern for little hats for your eggs.  When I first saw the pictures of her little egg hats, I actually laughed out loud a little - they are just so stinkin' cute.  William and James love eggs so I decided to give them a little surprise.  James' egg is on the left and William's is on the right - he likes the Washington Capitals, so I made his red and white.  :)

Here they are with their eggs - I had to tilt the camera so I could get more of James in the picture.

William is 12 yrs. old and James will be 6 in a couple of weeks.  :)


We have a tile pathway by our trash cans and yesterday morning when I took out the trash I happened to notice this one tile.  The grass has grown around it in the shape of a heart.  Pretty neat. 

Thanks for dropping by - I hope you enjoy your day.  :)
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  1. Love your Poncho! So pretty...and those eggs, I had to laugh at them as well! The "Heart" is really amazing. That is pretty cool. Take care my friend.

  2. Great job on the poncho. Cute 'egg hats'. I'm going to visit the new blog. I love finding new crochet blogs.
    Maybe the trash 'hearts' you! :-)

  3. Dear Debi,
    Really thank you very much that you shared the link of poncho pattern. I is very useful for me. Your poncho is very beautiful as always.. Also your eggs seem so sweetie. All best wishes...

  4. Hola. Te ha quedado muy bonito el poncho terminado y los huevos están muy guapos con sus gorros.

  5. Nice poncho!
    The egg-hats are very cute! I think your grandsons will love them. And it seems that your grass is loving you ;-)

  6. Great poncho! Always fun finishing a project!

  7. Your poncho turned out great Debi. Those egg hats are too cute, I'll have to check out her site. Hope you are having a great week. :-)

  8. That was quick Debi it has turned out really nice. Love the cute little hats:)

  9. Super cute. Love the drape on the poncho!

  10. I enjoyed stopping by your blog and seeing your poncho and your boiz!

  11. Thank you all very much ladies. :)

  12. The poncho turned out great!
    I love your little eggs. And your grandsons are the cutest!
    Love (pun intended) it when hearts appear out of nature. Sweet God wink.
    Blessings to you and yours,

  13. Debi, I am always amazed at how fast you crochet. Cute egg hats!

    Renee :)

  14. what lovely young men!
    I just love this heart Debi!
    Great poncho too I bet that was really quick to work up.
    Thanks for stopping by,
    love Suex

  15. Those egg hats are so cute and so are those boys of yours! So Debi, how does the poncho look on you, are you more satisfied with it since you've finished it? I think it looks very Spring and Summerly.......
    Susanne :)

    1. Thanks Susanne. I like the poncho so far - I will have to wear it to see if it works for me. :)

  16. The eggs did bring on a big smile :)) Handsome young men too, :))
    Have a great Easter :))

  17. Very nice post. I love your poncho!

  18. Thank you for linking my blog, I really appreciate it.

  19. Thanks Sharon. :)

    You're welcome 'Just be happy'. :)

  20. A lot of inspiration you are findingd, Debi! Nice to see your grandsons again...

  21. Love the poncho and the egg hats are just too cute!! I am in the process of creating some embroidered felt egg cosies. MaybeI can finish one this week...

  22. Oh gosh! That egg hat is soooo cute! I want to have one of those! :D


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