Wednesday, April 18, 2012

~ 'giggles fun' winner & a wip ~

And the 'giggles fun' winner is:   Cynthia! 

Congrats Cynthia - I'll get the giggles yarn in the mail to you either today or tomorrow. 

Now to re-cap:  all you have to do is knit or crochet a 6" square and if there is enough left over, send it on to a blogging friend so she (or he) can knit or crochet a 6" square. 

When you have finished with your square, blog about it and link back to where it all began on Pat's blog 'Hooks and Books'

Have fun!   :)


Here's my next project - a baby blankie that I started working on last night.  Vince and I are going to the campground tomorrow morning, so this is my project to take with me. 

Thanks for dropping by my little part of the world.  Enjoy your day.  :)
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  1. Hurray!!!! I am sooo excited! Can't wait until it arrives!


  2. The round in circles blanket looks great so far. I love the yellow contrast.
    Congratulations, Cynthia! Enjoy "giggling"!
    Have a wonderful day, Debi :-)

  3. That is such a cute pattern for a baby blanket Debi. I am still making hexes now that the weather is back to being cool. Then a friend asked me to make a large granny blanket and so I dropped the hexes and now grannying away! LOL
    Have fun at the camp ground, enjoy!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  4. Have fun camping and crocheting, Debi! :D

  5. How pretty it's going to be a lovely blankie, enjoy your camping Debi :)

  6. such a cute start to a blanket - how are you connecting your circles?

  7. You are always up to something fun over there with your crochet hook and yarn. Enjoy your time at the campground. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Thanks ladies. :)

    Holly Louise - for the joining border, I'm using the flat braid method. The link to that is on the right sidebar. The circles are going to be connected by 4 loops on each side.

  9. You are always so inspiring with your craft, Thanks again :))

  10. Hi Debi,

    That's going to be a lovely blanket.

    I'm still new to crochet, and mainly have stuck with the basic stitches for the past five months.

    I've made several items, I'm now moving onto the more 'fancy stitches'. I'm currently perfecting the shell stitch, and most likely will incorporate it into items for my daughter, before I move on to clothes, gifts, etc.,

  11. What a perfect project to take on your trip! Enjoy :-)

  12. Hi Debi,
    I hope you are having a nice time!
    Thanks so much for your help with those instructions, I think I have been successful!
    Great Blanket, so pretty the squares are gorgeous.
    Love and thanks Suex


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