Tuesday, April 17, 2012

~ Two on Tuesday & a granny square ~

Two things that make me smile:

*  watching a crazy robin try to get in my car.  My husband first noticed the robin a few weeks ago - he sits on the driver's side mirror for a little and then starts flapping his wings like crazy and bumps back and forth against the window.  I have no idea why he does this - maybe he sees himself in the reflection and thinks it's another bird.  It's funny.

*  knowing that our tax returns have been filed and that we will be receiving a refund - (yay!)


Received another granny square in the mail yesterday to add to my 'blogging friends granny square blanket' - this one came from Sarah of 'Crochet by Sarah'.  This square will fit in perfectly Sarah - thanks very much.  And thank you for the crocheted rose too - I love it.  :)
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  1. Hello.. good morning Debi, Funny about the bird. I do think he likes the one he sees in the mirror and gets upset when you leave.. but it's too cute! Have a good day!! Shari

  2. Or - maybe the robin is looking for some yarn scraps to build a nest!

    Mary Lou

  3. yay! you got them early! So glad you like them too! Can't wait to see the finished blanket :)

  4. Funny! I thought only mockingbirds and starlings here in Florida did that. We don't get too many robins.
    Love the square and the rose. Very pretty, Sarah.
    Have a great week, Debi :-)
    P.S. Thanks to all of your wonderful inspiration, I decided to start my own blog. If you'd like, I can send you the address. Thanks again!

  5. I've seen birds do that before. It is pretty funny. Yay on the refund! I always file early and have always gotten a refund. I've never had a whole lot of deductions so short form is the way for me. Can't wait to see the bloggy blanky. :o)

  6. What a pretty square and love the rose. I especially like the blankie from your last post. You certainly get lots done!

  7. I am so pleased you have those sweet little birds around.. I miss the little critters, Since moving to the subs from the country they are very few ..
    Always a bonus to receive a refund from the tax dept..
    Have a great day :))


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