Sunday, May 20, 2012

~ C ~

C = cozies and covers

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  1. I love your stool cover and seeing the cuties on top of it have reminded me of the ugly pen holder I have on my desk. Must crochet a nice cover for it one day. xoxox

  2. Love them all. Isn't it amazing what a little bit of crochet adds. Such a wonderful craft and you use it beautifully.

  3. Hola. Me gustaría hacer cubiertas para los botes de cristal tan bonitos como los tuyos.
    Gracias por visitar mi blog.

  4. Pretty jar covers. I love that pink & yellow one! I love making these too.

  5. Such a good picture and pretty items!

    Mary Lou

  6. Dear Debi, they seem so pretty and lovely. You know I like this kind of items so much. So I am trying to make crochet like yours.. Very lovely.. I ll do them ..:))
    Warm wishes..

  7. Pretty crochet work again, Debi. This counts for all the pictures you post on your blog:)


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