Saturday, June 9, 2012

~ Blog stuff ~

Hi everyone.  Just popping in to let ya'll know that I've started a second blog - it's called 'Dly's crafts and stuff'.  I only have one post so far, but I would love it if you could drop by for a visit.  Now don't worry, I'm keeping my crochet blog too - I just wanted to keep things organized.  I'm like that - a place for everything, and everything in it's place. 

I also need to let ya'll know that on the 17th of June, 'The Crochet Way' blog will merge into the 'Did you make that?' blog.  If you have 'The Crochet Way' picture linked on your blog, could you please replace it with the 'Did you make that?' picture and link?  You can find the picture over there on the right sidebar.  Thank you very much and I hope everyone is having a great day.  :)  
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  1. Yes Mom....I 'll make a note on that.Have a wonderful weekend."0)

  2. I will make a note too mom:)

  3. Will you be adding an Archives link? I love your Crochet Way blog and would love to see everything from the beginning without having to keep scrolling back each time I visit.

    1. Hi Barb. I'm going to keep it the same way as 'The Crochet Way' so it will be easier to load. :)


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