Friday, August 24, 2012

~ I have a few questions ~

Does anyone out there own a Maytag high efficiency top-loading washer? Can ya'll help me out with a couple problems I am having with my laundry?  A few months ago, we bought a Maytag h e washer and now our t-shirts have grey stains around the front underarm areas.  It's horrible looking.  We are still using the same deodorants we have been using for years, so it can't be that - and besides, we don't sweat that much for goodness sakes.  

The other problem is that after I wash a load of laundry it smells like it wasn't even washed.  I'm using Tide Pods for high efficiency washers in the 'Spring Meadow' scent, but I can't tell it.

I have been doing laundry for around 35 years and have never had these problems. 

I contacted Maytag customer service and they can't help me.  They asked me questions like "are you loading the machine correctly?"  "do you have the hoses hooked up correctly?"   Stupid.  I am quite disappointed with this Maytag washer and I'm very angry that I'm now stuck with this for the next five years or so.  

Any advice you can give me would be appreciated very much.  Thanks ladies.  :)

***eta = this is a top loading machine and I leave the lid open to let the inside dry out when I'm finished the washing. 

Tomorrow I'm going to use 2 pods instead of 1 to see if that will help.  
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  1. I own a high efficieny washer. I can't help u with the stains. But, one thing I do know is that I leave the door slightly open always. This way, mold doesn't grow around the door. It is helpful to wipe the door and rubber around it with a small solution of bleach and water. Hope I helped a little.

  2. Borax - the wonder stuff.

    Front loaders are wonderful but they never seem to drain completely - thus you get the wonderful mildew stench on all your clothes that you just took out of the dryer.

    I use 1/4 cup (or a good pour) of Borax right into the bowl of the washer and start an empty load on hot water - no clothes, towels, anything. Just the borax.

    Then the next couple of loads I add the borax (right on the clothes) and wash. I do this with towels mostly but at times the kids clothes need a little something extra (two teenagers).

    Not sure what to tell you about the gray armpit areas though.

  3. I have an HE washer (it's LG) and have not had this problem. I'm not sure why you would be getting the grey stains :( I have started putting white vinegar in the fabric softener part of the drawer and notice that my clothes smell a lot cleaner. Don't worry, the vinegar smell will rinse away. You might try getting some of that Tide HE washer cleaner and running it through a cycle. Also, always keep the door left open or the interior will start to smell musty. Hope this is helpful :)

  4. Deb, the HE washers front loaders unfortunately usually do not dry out well since the seal is so tight around the door.It HAS to be tight but since it is,, there's no way to allow the inside to completely dry out. Think what happens when you've forgotten laundry in the washer and it stinks and gets mildewed (if you forget it long enough) SAME thing happens in these washers. Maytag knows this.But of course they want to sell these things should leave the door open a bit after washing a load, I'd keep a handtowel around and drape it over the door so it doesn't close tight. If you have a large rubber seal around the door (I think some newer models don't) fill a pail with water and a quarter cup of bleach and wipe around the seal esp. if you see any black slime in there.Then leave the door open in the future. I can't say what might cause the stains but I imagine it might be a change in the soap. My daughter uses "Dropps" a HE soap and they both sweat alot in S.Cal and they have no problems with stains.Hope that soleves some of your problem. Brenda

  5. I have herd much about the "stinky" when these washers seem to get that way. Google how to clean your HE washer, there are lots of information on it. Some use bleach solutions and some use vinegar(empty wash, no clothes to clean it out), but I do know they need to be cleaned from time to time.

  6. Thanks ladies for your advice. I'm going to try the Borax and the vinegar ideas next time I do the laundry. :)

  7. Sandy has it right on. Also a little borax in your wash cycle. Vinegar is good in all washes. I am not reading good reports on these new washing machines...

  8. I own a Maytag (HE) Top loading machine as well, but I do not have the above mentioned problem. I do leave the top open for at least two days after washing, and I clean my entire machine out with a whole bottle of white vinegar every few months. I do not use tide, I use Purex Natural elements, it's 95% naturally sourced ingredients, the other 5% being the wonderful fragrance, so it won't poison you and it's good for the environment. The largest bottle costs around $8 and a little change after taxes and it has 170 oz of product and washes (113 loads). I normally buy the linen and lilies fragrance (though it comes in 4 different scents) from Walmart in the 72 oz size bottle and that washes(48 loads) and costs about $4.77 per bottle and after taxes is less than $5.00. I also use the *Extra rinse option button on for just about every wash, so that is something else you may want to consider. Another product I use is Natural color safe bleach, which comes in the same size jug as chlorine bleach, only it can be used on colors and whites, and is all natural, it contains only peroxide and citric acid, works wonders and only costs $1.99 at publix for their greenwise brand, and the same price at sweetbay stores for the Nature's Place brand, both work excellent. Every once in a while I buy the Ecos brand laundry soap which costs only a tiny bit though not much more, but is 100% natural and also works great and smells awesome too. I am sorry about the stains you are experiencing. I know it stinks having to deal with it, even though my machine does not have the same issue, I do know how hard it is to remove tough stains. Try using the double wash setting too, as well as the extra rinse feature, on the double wash it soaks the clothes for a little while, or optionally you can just turn the machine off when the water fills after you add your soap and swish it around, and have added the clothes. You can let them soak longer that way. Hope everything works out alright.

    1. Thanks for all this information Piper - I'm definitely going to be trying these products. :)

    2. You're welcome, glad to try and help.

  9. Hi Debi- Sorry to hear you are having this kind of problem with a new washer.
    I have the new LG top load and love it. I was told by 3 different people recently that the "pods" do not do well in any of the HE washers. I use Tide liquid, the fabric softener cycle and also clean it once a month with the washer cleaning products on the market. I've not had any problem since I bought the set. Oh- and I also throw in once in awhile a scoop of OxiClean to a load of whites. Sure hope this gets resolved for you and if I hear of any other suggestions I will post them for you.
    You also might consider writing to the corporate office on how much "great help" you are receiving from there support contact. The corporate offices love hearing from customers.

  10. I have a top loading Maytag. I always leave the top open when I am not washing otherwise it will get smelly. I wash with Arm and Hammer laundry detergent. It works just as well as the expensive brands. I also use baking soda in my loads to get rid of smells. I also use Boraxo sometimes to help add a boost to the washing power. Good luck!

  11. Seems they don't make things like they used to. I have a front loading machine and our water here isn't the greatest anyways. The front loading machines have a tendency to mildew and get really musty. I didn't know about that when we bought it, but top loading machines are way expensive here. Hope you get it sorted out. Have a good day. Tammy

  12. I have a he frigidaire front loader and the main problem I have with it is the bad odor if I leave it closed for a few days. I use homemade laundry detergent (powder) and about one every week or so I put about a cup of vinegar inside and run a quick cycle on hot water. Seems like there are many dissatisfied Maytag customers.

  13. Hi Debi...I am so sorry you are having problems with your machine...I don't own that kind...I have a whirlpool and no problems...maybe every now in then I get that musty Oder, but I think it's from the Tide washing liquid....I never use powder! it sometimes gets thick in place and never rinses out all the way....maybe that is why you have grey areas on your clothes?? I also use the bleach and vinger to clean it out once a month for the musty smell and it works...Looks like you got a lot of good advice from others...hope it all works out! Shari ")

  14. Hi Debi: I have a top-loading Maytag and I'm wondering if you have the automatic softner dispenser in the middle top of your agitator? Also, do you have the triangle dispenser in the corner for your bleach? I have found that both of these get clogged up with gunk ocassionaly - especially the softner dispenser. I take the softner dispenser off and then I take a wire hanger and straighten it then run it down the hole where the dispenser is supposed to let the softner out. I also do this with the bleach dispenser once in a while if I notice it's running slow. The softner dispenser gets especially gross and gunky and can even smell and put out a gray gunky stuff. I also take an old rag and clean around it, just to get it really clean. I hope this helps. :)

    Blessings - Julie

  15. Update on my washing machine woes - I am using Purex Natural Elements, and have switched my machine to deep clean, heavy wash with an extra rinse. It runs for approximately an hour.

    I'm also using bleach for the whites and Clorox 2 for the colors. I don't use liquid fabric softener, I use the dryer sheets.

    The grey stains are still on our t-shirts, just not as dark. I think I'm just going to have to buy new ones.

    Thanks everyone for all of your advice. :)


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