Thursday, August 9, 2012

~ nook cover & a wip ~

I crocheted this nook cover with 2-ply bulky yarn and a 'K' hook.  It's just a simple sc all around.  The yarn I bought at AC Moore - it came in a mill-ends bag so I don't know what brand it is. 


I've been working on this doily for quite a while now - just can't seem to get into it.  I'm using variegated pink and white held together.  I need to finish it soon because I have a couple more projects that I'd like to start. 

Thanks for stopping by - I hope everyone has a great day.  :)
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  1. Keep'll finish!

  2. Love how you have used both these threads. great idea!

  3. I made a kindle cover just like the one you made except I used peaches and cream cotton yarn. It cleans the screen when I slide the kindle in and out. Don't you just love these e-readers? I just really enjoy mine. As for the doily..well I think some doilies have their own personality..and are hard to get into..I don't know why. Set it aside and move on to what you really want to do.

    1. Hi Vikki. I've only used my nook a few times so far - too busy crocheting. It is pretty neat though. :)

  4. I have a Kindle. I treated myself while I was buying one for each of my daughters. There are a lot of "free" reading if you check around for downloads. Shamefully I have only downloaded 1 book for myself and still have not gotten around to reading it. Like you, I am just too busy with hooks and yarns to read, besides I have to take it to my daughter's house to have her download books for me, out here there isn't a good connection for WiFi. Now I have seen some neat covers and yours is another one. I saw one made from material and it was cute too. Debi, your doily looks delicate enough to be used for a sweet wash cloth, would be pretty in a basket with good smelling soaps, but also pretty for on a table. Keep up the good work. I always enjoy your blog.
    Susanne :)

  5. Cool Nook cover/carrier Debi, I like the button you chose to go on it, very cute. I'm anxious to get started on a new project too, but want to finish the little lapghan I'm working on first. Hope you are enjoying your day. Heather

  6. great minds think alike I also have been making Nook covers etc check out my sight in a little while I will be posting my pictures.

  7. Lovely doilies, I hope you have a nice day too. :)

  8. Love the idea of two colors's looking very nice! I know what you mean about tying to "get into it"....I am like that now with this blanket I am trying to make with the motifs...just can't seem to get the colors together that I like!

  9. Hey debi ,it looks lovely. You have used two colours together.really looks good.

  10. Oh I love your WIP doily! It looks great with two colors together! I can't wait to see when it'a all done! Love your nook cover, too, it's so lovely - especially the button! :)

  11. I love both of those!! I've been wanting to make a few doilys. I need to get into one though, find a good pattern and go!

  12. Love the nook cover! And I so feel your pain on the finishing the doily. You are more driven than I am. When I feel like that I will put it down until I want to finish it. I hate that.

  13. love the nook cover!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  14. Hi Debi,
    Thanks for your kind comments on SIBOL.
    Yes I really enjoyed the visit and the blankets were so well received.
    I've been catching up with your blog posts. You've been busy with one thing or
    I love your bike tassels, thinking of making mom some 'she's 82 and still rides her bike'.
    Just love all the cycling on the Olympics! Especially the bmx! Wicked.
    Take care on that bike, notice it's all girlie colours!!
    Love suex

  15. Gorgeous nook cosy, I love the yarn! :)
    Maybe I need to make a few more cosies for my Kindle, hm...


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