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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

~ Two on Tuesday ~

Two things that make me smile:

*  the NCIS season premier is coming on tonight (nobody better bother me)

*  Erica and Bobby (my daughter and son) ganging up together and teasing me about my little quirks - (it's good to laugh together)

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  1. Happy Tuesday Debi, enjoy the new season of NCIS and have a great day. :-)

  2. After the way last season ended... I have a feeling tonights episode will be sad...

    1. I think it will turn out ok - all the lead characters signed new contracts. :)

  3. I know how it is when there is a favorite show on. I like to get my crochet stuff and get going with no interruptions. Enjoy your show. Just take the teasing as a compliment. They are only teasing because they wish they were so much like you lol:)

  4. Now that autumn is here, there's nothing better than curling up with some good TV and some crochet or knitting or some such handicraft. I look forward to my Sunday evenings now that season 3 of Downton Abbey is finally here :)

  5. Aah keep smiling Debi,hope no one bothers you when your show s on :) Happy week lovely,Xxxx

  6. You have quirks?! Say it isn't so! ;D LOL I am full of quirks. ;D

  7. I enjoy NCIS very much and also your blog!! Have been following for some time and love your patterns. Thanks for sharing!! Judy from Canada

  8. How sweet and lovely. There's nothing better then having laughs with your children.

  9. Renkli ve çok güzel görünüyor tebrikler.


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