Wednesday, November 28, 2012

~ 2 more baby hats ~

I've made 2 more baby hats for the Pregnancy Center.  I've also started a round ripple baby blankie for the Center, but it's going slow.  The back of my car is starting to get filled up, so I'll be needing to make a delivery soon.

The baby hat on the left is kind of a mess up.  I grabbed a variegated skein and the brown when Vince and I went to the campground last Saturday (we brought the golf cart home for maintenance).  I thought the variegated would look nice as the top of a cupcake, but I was wrong.  It doesn't work at all.  So I didn't add the cherry pompom.  It will just be a regular hat.  

The hat on the right is an open-shell hat.  Very quick and easy to crochet.

These 2 patterns are my favorites to crochet.  :)  
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  1. I think it's so very sweet of you to make such lovely hats and blankets for others who you even don't know, so disinterested. For a lot of peolple you'll be like an angel!

  2. love them both! are these patterns posted on your blog somewhere? I've been having an awful time with baby hats lately. the last 2 I made as gifts for babies I know and they BOTH were too small :( I hate that! lol.

    1. Thanks Niki. The cupcake hat pattern was posted on Aug. 18, 2012. I didn't write a pattern for the open-shell hat, but I have a similar one posted on Sept. 13, 2012. :)

  3. That's funny because the first thing I thought when I saw the variegated with the brown was cupcake and that it needed a cherry or something on top. That was before I even read what you had written. I love them both and I'm sure the person that receives them will love them even more!!

  4. Dear Debi,
    sorry i am a little to late but i wish you from my heart Happy Birthday to you and all you dreams will come true!
    The babyhats are sooo cute...
    Wish you a wonderful week and send you many greetings,
    Marion the sleepyhat

  5. I like them!!
    I do think the cupcake one would look finished off with a cherry on top, but they're both really cute!!

  6. Ohh both of them are so cute.. I expecially like the first one.. They look candies..:))

  7. Oh Debi! I love the open shell pattern,
    thank you for sharing
    and Belated Birthday wishes to you...!
    Daisy x

  8. So nice when you can use your talents to give back. God bless, Tammy


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