Tuesday, February 26, 2013

~ Two on Tuesday ~

Two things that make me smile:

* the simple pleasure of the 1st cup of coffee in the morning.

* ordering a BLT sub from Subway.  I smile because for some reason I have to specify that I want lettuce and tomato on my sub.  The first time I ordered, the worker asked me what else I would like on my sub.  I looked at the sub and all that was on there was bacon.  I was a little confused at first - I did order a 'BLT' - so I said "umm - lettuce and tomato?"  Then I just shook my head a little and looked at my husband with a look that says "what the?"  I find it all kind of funny now - a little stupid, but funny.  :)

By the way - my BLT sub never looks like this:

(image from Subway)

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  1. Hahaha!! BLT WITH lettuce and tomato. So inventive! That's hilarious. =D

  2. oooooo what are you hooking looks so colourful....lifts the spirits too....
    Daisy j

  3. this is funny mostly because I can see this happening to me at Subway (and I'd have the same reaction!)

    and yes, your food from Subway never looks as good as their Marketing photos!

  4. tığ örgü renkli ve çok güzel görünüyor kolay gelsin sevgiler.

  5. Ah, yes, coffee :-) Makes me smile just thinking about it.
    I'm with you on the BLT; just once I'd like to tell them I want a BLT with just bacon, nothing else! The other funny thing is, when I order one, they want to know what else I want on there besides bacon, lettuce and tomato. Besides mayo, what else do you put on a blt?
    No, food's never as good as the picture. Of course, they don't use real food in most of the pictures; can we claim false advertising?

  6. Thanks Debi now I want to eat subway. That picture looks delicious and yes it never looks that way lol. I had three cups of coffee today lol.

  7. That's funny Mrs Debi ....it happens to all of us ....BLT is good.Happy week :0)


  8. OI minha querida!
    Bom dia!
    Eu amei o seu blog!
    Estou apaixonada por ele!

    Parabéns amigaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Estou te seguindo!


  9. Hello, Love the blanket at top Diffident colors do you have a pat for this i would love to make one Thank you.

    1. Hi there. The blanket in the 'Two on Tuesday' picture is a round ripple worked with scrap yarns tied together. Here is the link to the pattern:


    2. <3 Thank you <3 Keep On Hookin @}--<--- Hugs

  10. The boys chose to stay home while we went to Sri Lanka and it seems that they ate a lot of Subway since they deliver. :) Having my second cup of coffee now. Have a lovely day. Tammy

  11. Ok, I'm caught up with you again. :o) Hope your week is a good one Debi.


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