Wednesday, March 20, 2013

~ Two on Tuesday (on a Wednesday) ~

How in the world did I forget this yesterday?  I'm going to blame it on (almost) old age.  Or Rio.  Or maybe the Rain.

Two things that make me smile:

*  I put birdseed out on my front porch and so far I have seen lots of little birdies flitting around - including bluebirds and cardinals.

* seeing stuff like this:

I smile because it's crazy, but then I think "what a complete waste of yarn".  Who is going to wear this?  No one I know.
I can't think of one good reason to crochet one of these.
Can you?

But wait - there's more.  Click on the link to see the rest of the crazy 'hat' creations.

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  1. Well, maybe for Mardi Gras. lol

  2. Good night, I looked at the other masks. Get real people, looked like something from Star Wars.

  3. I think along the same lines as you..what a waste of time and yarn..but maybe they made it for a play or halloween, in which case it is awesome!! Have a great day

  4. Well that's just NUTS!!!!! LOL
    The photos on the link are so WEIRD!!!
    It must be "Art" Debi...Bahahah
    Happy Spring, penny x

  5. it would make robbing a bank funnier!!!(not that i would of course!!)

  6. I am with the lady who commented above. Yea maybe for mardi gras is good but for anything else maybe not lol. Too funny Debi.. My daughter loves birds. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  7. Awww, the birds are back! This hat is outrageous and very creative. Who thinks up these???

  8. I don't like it but my son would probably wear for fancy dress.

  9. Well I thought of "The Doctor" They look like they came out of one the series.. Artistic even...
    I am trying to find a positive out look here LOL..
    hugs pat ..:))

  10. IF...we were still in the 60's, I would say LSD was involved lol...however; we are not. While I truly appreciate the artistic creativity, I have to agree with you Deb, waste of perfectly good yarn!!!!

  11. Happy weekend Mrs Debi !...something strange....a mask?...funny ..:0)

  12. I bet my son-in-law would love something like this. My daughter said he wants a hat with a beard attached this year for Christmas. :o)


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