Tuesday, March 26, 2013

~ Two on Tuesday ~

Two things that make me smile:

*  I bought another orchid plant at Lowe's that was marked down to $7.50.  It's not an ice-cube orchid, but I'm going to treat it like one and see what happens. 

* waking up to this yesterday morning:

I smile because it's pretty when it's coming down, and because I didn't have to go out in it.  :)

(found on Pinterest)
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  1. Good Morning Debi..I am tired of winter so I am trying to book a hotel in pensacola FL..wouldn't you know it..all the decent ones are booked solid.

  2. We woke up to the same thing here in Ohio. The funny thing is that I didn't seem to mind that spring is delaying it's coming. I guess it's because I know how busy I will be with gardening and my flower beds. Kathy

  3. Debbie I bought a orchid last year and I was so surprised the other day when I discovered that it has 6 buds. All this time I thought I was just feeding leaves. I can't wait for them to bloom. :) I don't even remember what color it was, so it will be a surprise for sure.
    I am so ready for spring :). It isn't going to get here fast enough.

  4. Hi my dear firned Debi, Ohh I miss your very beautiful blog and your friendship..:))
    All best wishes...:))

  5. Hi Debi. My husband was happy to hear that you made that purchase at lowes. He works there and feels strongly that Lowe's is way better than Home depot lol. Hope you have a good Tuesday. So far we are having lovely weather for once.

  6. Love orchids Debbi, I am going to try your ice trick.. :))
    Brr all that snow, hope you are keeping warm ..
    hugs pat :))

  7. I don't have very good luck with orchids. I do have one that's still alive after 3 or 4 years but it's never flowered.


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