Friday, March 8, 2013

~ working at Joann's ~

Every time I go to AC Moore, I think to myself "I would love to work here", but then I think back to my days of working at Joann Fabrics and the words 'hell no' pops into my head.

Here are a few situations that I've had the misfortune to be involved in.  (sorry about the 1st story having cuss words in it)

*  I'd only been working at Joann's for about a week when a couple come into the store looking for jingle bells.  They couldn't find the bells, so they asked me.  I said sure and proceeded to go in search of the jingle bells.  Jingle bells are in 2 aisles - the regular crafty stuff aisle along with such things as magnets, metal rings, glass mirrors and so on - and in the kids craft section.  I made the mistake of taking the couple to the kids craft section first - the jingle bells were not there (sold out) and the man started fussing with me about not knowing where anything was.  I apologized, but he kept on fussing.  We walked to the other aisle and found the jingle bells and the lady was happy, but the man was still fussing.  He kept on fussing too - getting more rude by the minute.  I apologized a couple more times - and I have to tell you, I was starting to get mad.  We're finally at the cash register and I ring up the bells for the lady - all the while the man is still fussing at me.  This man was totally being an ass - I looked at the lady and I could tell that she was humiliated by his behavior.  He was yelling at this point and told the lady to give back the jingle bells and get his "God damn money back".  He also said something about me being stupid.  That was it!  I told him to get the hell out of the store and never come back or I would kick his ass and then call the cops on him.  He finally shut up when I said that and they left.  I have to tell you - I was so mad at that point that I really think I could of actually kicked his ass.  I told the manager what had happened and what I said - she smiled and said "good".  :)

*  I was working the cutting counter one day when a lady (about my age) came in with her mother.  They piled up some bolts of fabric on the counter and I started to cut what they wanted.  Before I would cut each piece, the mother would ask me if it was on sale.  If it wasn't, she would ask me if it was on sale the next week.  Then she would ask me if it was on sale the week after that.  I told her that I could check the next weeks sales, but not the week after that. She was getting more and more agitated every time I had to tell her that.  Even her daughter tried to explain it to her.  Evidently she couldn't (or wouldn't) understand.  She ended up getting huffy with me and said in a very loud voice "You mean to tell me, that you work here and you don't know what's going to be on sale in a couple weeks?!"  I said (in a very loud voice) "No ma'am, I do not!".  I then walked away and got another associate to take my place.

*  Working at the cutting counter one morning and a young couple come in with their 3 year old daughter.  The young Mom had picked out a few fabrics and while I'm cutting the fabric, she had plopped her daughter on the counter.  One look at that little girl and I could tell she was sick.  Bad sick.  Young Dad said that they had just come from the Doctor - they took her because the little girl had a fever and kept throwing up.  Little girl was very fussy, so Dad picked her up for a few minutes and then he decided to put her down on the floor.  I guess it was good for Dad that he put her down on the floor because it's not hard to guess what that little girl did next.  That's right - she threw up all over the floor.  Jeez.  I switched over to the other end of the cutting table to take care of the next customer while the manager cleaned up the mess.  The young couple did not even offer to clean it up.      

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  1. Oh you should submit those gems to!

  2. Some people are really stupid, but not you. I'm working in a hotel and in a bar, my dearest say always: The guests are the kings, but I'm the king of the kings. But sometimes it's hard.
    I wish you a nice weekend.


  3. That's very bad when customers behave like that. Running a shop is a very big task.

  4. good reading!
    happy weekend Debi, xxx Ale

  5. Working with the public is an eye opener isn't it?
    I spent my life in the service sector. Didn't matter if it was doing hair or doing homecare..people continually stunned me at their behavior.
    I did a wealthy woman's hair for years. Yep, she had a limo and driver who waited for her every week. Ane every week when she left she said...You know I don't tip Hon. One week I did her hair for a wedding and she was especially pleased with my work. As she left she put a dime in my hand and said...Thank you Sweetie and if you ever buy a cow I will have my people butcher it and wrap it for you. Haha...Today I still shake my head over it and that was 40 years ago. LOL

    Loved your think twice about working at AC Moore's. :o)


  6. Oh the joy of working with the general public! You can't make this stuff up! Been there, done that! :)

  7. They are opening a Joann store here in my town (finally!) and I was thinking about working there part time... now maybe not! Ha ha :)

  8. I could never work with the public cause I can't handle stupid!

  9. Oh dear Debi what experiences you have had.
    Hope you got some free samples?
    Thanks for popping over I'll be blogging Tuesday and letting
    you all know how I got on. First time I've done anything like this before.
    Love Suex

  10. Wow! I guess all you can do is shake your head and wonder... (and laugh about it MANY years later!)

  11. I enjoyed reading this Debi, you certainly have to have a lot of patience working with the public. :)

  12. Just don't know what to say... but improper behavior is bad for your blood pressure:(
    Take care Debi!

  13. I'm a flight attendant the best thing ever happened to me is when a US passenger (I'm in Spain) gave me this bumoer sticker: FLIGHT ATTENDANTS ARE HERE TO SAVE YOUR ASS, NOT KISS IT!! Same everywhere. I also heard in a J. López movie: we're here to serve them, but we are not their servants!
    Well done

  14. All I can say is Bless Your Heart. Geez. Crazy People do function.


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